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Welcome to ATTS 9

Weaving a Stronger ASEAN Community through Cultural Heritage and Textiles

Weavers, designers, and researchers will share their expertise through research presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions, and demonstrations. Speakers from all Southeast Asian countries will present a traditional textile from their country, and exhibitors will display traditional textiles from the region too.  Scholars, museum professionals, and artisans from neighboring countries will also join the symposium.


Experts will also discuss strategies for textile preservation and display in museums. You are welcome to join the discussions!

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About ATTS

  • The first ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium (ATTS) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2005, and subsequent symposiums were held by other ASEAN countries every 2-3 years. The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia have hosted a symposium since 2005. 

  • ATTS was initiated by the Traditional Textile Arts Society of Southeast Asia (TTASSEA). (This organization was founded as the ASEAN Traditional Textile Arts Community (ASEAN TTAC).) The organization’s mission is to preserve traditional textiles through science, preservation and conservation activities, and education; it aims to inspire people to value cultural heritage.

  • The Lao Handicraft Association (LHA) is the organizer of the ATTS 9. Established in 1998, LHA has the mission to develop Lao handicrafts, including traditional, handmade textiles, and to generate income for all of Laos’ ethnic minority groups. It hosts a national handicraft festival annually and smaller events throughout the year.

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